EBTM 365 | Instructor: Shumate  |  Courses and Catalogs

Purchase New Textbook Package – Visit Towson Bookstore
$121.50 bundle includes MyOMLab access code
Operations Management, 11th Edition | ISBN: 9781269245753
Authors: Jay Heizer, Barry Render | Publisher: Pearson

Sec 001 – Course ID: shumate46256
Sec 002 – Course ID: shumate75224
Sec 003 – Course ID: shumate97455
Sec 101 – Course ID: shumate41581
Click Here for Instructions

Note: In order for Blackboard to integrate with MyOMLab, please change registration Course ID.

See screenshots below to enroll (click to zoom in). 

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Click on MyOMLab on left hand side
  3. Click on either MyOMLab Assignments or Home link
  4. Accept agreement



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