“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. “
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

What did I do right?

Answering this question would be the greatest satisfaction of all.

My role as the teacher – Scholarly Practitioners (SP) sustain currency and relevance through continued professional experience, engagement, or interaction and scholarship related to their professional background and experience. Normally, SP status applies to practitioner faculty members who augment their experience with development and engagement activities involving substantive scholarly activities in their fields of teaching. SP status is sustained as outlined below.

In order to improve the quality of the class and provide a better learning experience for future students, we would like to ask that you please take some time to complete the following survey.  We take what you have to say very seriously and will use your constructive criticisms to improve the course for future sections.

I. Expectations, Goals and Objectives
• What were your expectations for this class and how effectively have they been met?
• For example, a lot of students at the beginning of semester introduced themselves and said they wanted to learn more about Operations Management?  So, did you learn anything?  Some said they wanted to get an A or B in the course.  How did you perform?

II. Instructor Evaluation
• The instructor’s presentations positively impacted on my understanding of material.
• Ability of instructors to relate to students’ interests and needs.
• Availability of instructors (office hours, e-mail and telephone calls).
• The instructor’s interest in teaching.
• The instructor’s use of examples or personal experience to help get points across.

III. Time Commitment
• What was the (average) amount of time you spent on this course per week outside of class?

IV. Office Hours
• If you did not visit the Office Hours chatrooms more than once the whole semester….why not?

V. Course lectures (content, delivery style, pace)
• The content is of appropriate difficulty.
• The examples shown are good.

VI. Course materials (textbooks, handouts)
• How effective was the textbook?  MyOMLab?
• What additional or alternative material would you like to have seen in the course?

VII. Multimedia
• The multimedia (video) materials in the module are of the right amount.

VIII. Group Assignments
• How often had you worked in groups or teams before this class?
• Did you enjoy working with your group?

IX. Technology Issues
• The ease of navigating through the web site.
• The availability of technical support.

X. Value of Assessments
• Did the exams appropriately test the material presented in the course content sections?
• Were the practice exam questions posted before (some) exams useful?

XI. Overall evaluation of course
• In your opinion, what were the best sections in the course. Why?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of this course?
• What was your favorite part of the class?

XII. Improvement
• Which parts of the course do you think are most in need of improvement? How?
• Please suggest some ways to make the course easier and more enjoyable.
• Any other comments?

XIII. Self Assessment
• Whether or not you were interested in the material, did you learn something in this course?
• My expected grade in this class is ___.


Towson Course Evaluation Online (TCEO)

Course evaluations for Fall 2014 are available for you to complete online through December 10, 2014.  Students will receive an email inviting them to log into the Towson Course Evaluation Online System (TCEO) and complete their evaluations.


Advantages of online surveys

Web surveys are faster, simpler, and cheaper. However, lower costs are not so straightforward in practice, as they are strongly interconnected to errors. Because response rate comparisons to other survey modes are usually not favourable for online surveys, efforts to achieve a higher response rate (e.g., with traditional solicitation methods) may substantially increase costs. Read more

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