Instructor Feedback

personYou always came to class wanting us to learn. You were always willing to work with students and the curriculum to help us get better grades.

You brought more to the class then operations. You wanted to connect with your students and have a relationship with everyone. You were passionate about the subject. The material was very interesting and you brought a new sight of work to my attention. Thank you for sticking through this semester and being my professor!


I think that the main and most important thing that you did right was showing that you cared. You wanted both us as students to succeed and yourself as a teacher to succeed and get better which is rare in professors today.


I thought you were a fun teacher. Many teachers come into class with the same old routine and do not make class fun, but I felt you did a great job trying to lighten things up. I can see that you have a great passion for teaching and that was refreshing.


It certainly was interesting and memorable. I admit my interest in operations has grown upon completion of the course.


I want to personally say that I have enjoyed the class, I found the topic of this course to be very vital to my future success. I appreciate you coming in everyday attempting to provide us with the information necessary to excel in the class. There was no doubt in my mind that you were enthused to teach the course and could tell that you were giving your all.


I took plenty of information from this class which seldom happens. Lectures were always interesting.  You have a real passion for what you are teaching and I was excited to recommend you to other students next semester. Yes your class required a bit of work but you were more than fair on the amount of time you permitted to complete the work.

I have been in countless classes that have 3 grades, test 1, test 2, and the final exam. I never read the book until the night before the exams and that information is forgotten quickly. You taught this class how it is supposed to be taught.


You did a great job.  You displayed a great passion for teaching and that is not something all professors have. You used you real life examples in class, which I found very interesting.  I feel that I did learn interesting things and hopefully will use it in my future career.


You were always energetic, I never saw you show any sign of lack of interest.  You have very strong morals.  It was nice to see a normal person and see what you were really like.


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